Inspire 1 Million Young Women Into Tech

I would love to encourage more, young women to pursue a career in technology. To do this, I’ve written a book. Here is a bit about it:

She’s Building A Robot is a 43,000-word middle-grade novel aimed at girls and focused on technology.

AZ, the protagonist, is smart but has hidden her talents. She is pressured to enter a school robot building competition against the school’s rich boy. Her first robot goes wild leading her to a wonderful female mentor. She convinces a techy-girl and a quirky non-gender student to join her team. By working hard, solving puzzles and dealing with disasters like being hacked and a robot crash, they bring Ada to life.

The big finale is the three-day robot competition which includes rapping, solving riddles and a dangerous obstacle course. AZ is initially not confident leading or taking action but becomes tough and decisive in the end. Along the way, she builds friendships, character and skills for technology and leadership.

Any support or ideas for how we can provide more good role models for young girls around technology would be greatly appreciated.

You can read interviews with women in technology here


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We’re Building Momentum

I’ve been lucky enough to work with a lot of wonderful women in my work in technology. Many shared with me stories about how hard it was to be in tech being a woman.

In 2016 I had an idea to write a book to create heroines in technology. This website is about bringing that mission to life.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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