Thank you!

I have so many people to thank for this book that I have made a list. (If for some stupid reason I have left you off, you know me well enough to know that it’s my carelessness not my lack of appreciation which is the cause… feel free )

  • Karen Liubinskas – my wonderful wife who has put up with over 14 months of this shenanigans. Plus she read it.
  • Lucy and Grace – for being an inspiration for me to write it and always supportive.
  • Sam my son – for being the first person under 20 to read it fully and give me good feedback.
  • Caty Germon – full proofreading and marketing support.
  • Kathey Carreiro – full proofread and lots of feedback, plus an amazing interview.
  • Tim Bull – for editing feedback and getting his kids to read the book.
  • Kate Miller from Publishizer – excellent support and the push that got me to do this.
  • Sofia Labonte – for being an early reader and giving me great feedback.
  • Jeanmarie Labonte – for asking Sophia to read it and getting her bookclub to read it too.
  • Karen Kaushansky – we met at SxSW when I started getting ideas on this and was very supportive. She also introduced me to some robotics groups.
  • Mum and dad – for being early backers and also encouraging me to try new things.
  • Erica Lee – for lots of ideas and PR help.
  • Pippa Galway – for a full proofread.
  • Mary Kole – for a full edit and lots of tough feedback.
  • Millie Zinner (a real life AZ) and startup star. –
  • Natalie Yan-Chatonsky worked together way back at IBM –
  • Annie Parker – regulary called out my BS at muru-D –
  • Kate Kirwin – leading the way in WA –
  • Phoebe Adams – relentless persistence. –
  • Simone James – will be CEO of $1B company by 2028 –
  • Yasmin Grigaliunas – the queen of hustle –
  • Erica HooperLee (Lee) – putting up with me for 10 years now… –
  • Emma Poposka – building the future –
  • Cate Hull – quietly achieving a big success –
  • Alex Germon – wonderful blast from the past –
  • Brittany Maalona – making her daughter memorize the book –
  • Angela Manners – always so supportive –
  • Anastasia Cammaroto – key leadership role in Australia
  • More to come. Please ping me if you should be on this list.

Bio and Media Kit

If you would like to interview Mick Liubinskas about women in tech and the book ‘She’s Building A Robot’ please email us at


Mick is a constant source of energy and innovation. 

He is co-author of Startup Focus which sold 5,000 copies;…

He is an Australian living in Silicon Valley, USA. He’s a lifetime geek who teaches women, students and companies around the world to be innovative and entrepreneurial.

He is wonderfully happily married with 2 daughters and a son. To keep up his vigor, Mick surfs, plays soccer in real life and paintball via virtual reality, does yoga, meditates and coaches his daughters soccer team. 

He is a high profile speaker, with a business book that sold 5,000 copies. He is well known for quickly kickstarting new projects, products and companies with his infectious enthusiasm. 

In high school, Mick won an award for a short story he wrote under exam conditions. Since then, writing has always been a part of his work, blogging since 2003. 

Social Media


If you would like to interview Mick Liubinskas about women in tech and the book ‘She’s Building A Robot’ please email us at

It’s going to be published!

Great news, we’ve secured a publisher for the book – thank you all for your support.

The wonderful people at Mango Media are publishing the book and I’m excited to be working with them.  They are the fastest growing independent publisher in the US.

mango logo

We are targeting later in 2020 to get the book and the marketing right.

Any help would be great!

Thanks again to everyone who has supported me.

Here are some of the reasons why I wrote this book:

  1. I kept hearing stories from women who said they had to go against social or family pressure to pursue technology.
  2. Who are the heroines of technology for teenage girls?
  3. What if Hermione used technology instead of magic?
  4. I love story writing.
  5. I have two daughters (and a son).

Here is more:

Inspire 1 Million Young Women Into Tech

I would love to encourage more, young women to pursue a career in technology. To do this, I’ve written a book. Here is a bit about it:

She’s Building A Robot is a 43,000-word middle-grade novel aimed at girls and focused on technology.

AZ, the protagonist, is smart but has hidden her talents. She is pressured to enter a school robot building competition against the school’s rich boy. Her first robot goes wild leading her to a wonderful female mentor. She convinces a techy-girl and a quirky non-gender student to join her team. By working hard, solving puzzles and dealing with disasters like being hacked and a robot crash, they bring Ada to life.

The big finale is the three-day robot competition which includes rapping, solving riddles and a dangerous obstacle course. AZ is initially not confident leading or taking action but becomes tough and decisive in the end. Along the way, she builds friendships, character and skills for technology and leadership.

Any support or ideas for how we can provide more good role models for young girls around technology would be greatly appreciated.

You can read interviews with women in technology here


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