Books for Girls Who Like Computers, Technology, Programming and Robots

Who would like this book;

  • Girls, women, females, ladies
  • Young, teenagers, teens, middle-grade, young adult
  • Who like computers, technology, programming, electronics, hardware, robots, robotics, engineering, STEM, STEAM, design.
  • This book is one of the best birthday presents or Christmas gifts for girls
  • It’s for girls into stem
  • It’s about robot building
  • It’s for strong girls, confident girls, out there girls, geeky girls, nerdy girls, different, brave girls
  • This book suits middle school book reading kids aged 8, aged 9, aged 10, aged 11 and aged 12.

Come and buy a copy here;

– Amazon USA – Hard copy and Kindle –

– Booktopia Australia – Hard copy – 

– Amazon Australia – Kindle now, Hardcopy for launch on Nov 24 –

– Book Depository – Global, free shipping

Read some good interviews here;

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